Weight Training in Bodybuilding


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Weight Training in Bodybuilding

If you want to really concentrate on bodybuilding, weight training is an important part of your workout program.  Weight training in bodybuilding is a very huge part of any exercise regimen, but it’s not the only part.  However, when you have a strong weight training plan, your bodybuilding goals become easier to achieve.

In order to work certain muscle groups, you need to lift weights that will provide resistance to those areas.  As you start your weight training bodybuilding program, remember to start small and work your way up.  That means start out with a weight that is difficult to lift, but you are able to do it with some effort.  As that weight gets easier to lift, add more.  The idea is to build up slowly so you don’t risk injury to your body.

When you are weight training, you need to be sure that you are doing the exercises correctly.  Use extreme caution and feel the muscles as they work to lift the weights.  Your form is just as important as how much weight you are lifting, so pay special attention to how the exercises are done and perform them safely.

You will be doing some heavy lifting during weight training, so safety is very important.  When you are doing squats or dead lifts, you put a strain on your lower back.  It’s a good idea to wear a weight belt when performing these exercises to minimize the risk of injury.  Weight belts provide support to your lower back as well as keep your spine aligned so you don’t do an exercise improperly.
One important result of weight training in bodybuilding is increased physical performance.

Muscles quite literally utilize energy to produce movement, functioning as the engine or powerhouse of the body. Strength training increases the muscles’ size, strength, and endurance, which contribute to improvements in our work, our favorite sports and hobbies, and our general day-to-day activities.
Your physical appearance will improve with a weight training program as your body burns fat for energy to lift those weights.  When you burn fat, you lose weight and gain muscle tone.  Weight training also prevents muscle loss that can lead to a flabby body.  Obviously, the resist you get during weight training will help develop your muscles in new and exciting ways.

Weight training is a big part of a bodybuilding program.  If you want to have well-defined muscles, you must incorporate weight training in your exercise plan.  You will realize huge results with your efforts and have a better looking, healthier body in the process.

The Big Picture in Bodybuilding

The Big Picture in Bodybuilding

When a person decides that he or she wants to get into bodybuilding as a sport, it’s important to look at the big picture before starting out.  You’ll need to look at your new quest as a lifestyle change and know what you’re in for before you even start.  The big picture in bodybuilding is where you will want to end up.

That means setting personal goals when it comes to your bodybuilding journey.  What do you want to look like when you are at your peak?  Do you have a specific person in mind that you want to emulate?  Keep that picture in your mind as you are working out as motivation.

You will also want to consider what type of goals you have for yourself as a result of your bodybuilding.  Are you wanting to lose weight, do you want to eventually compete, or do you just want to live healthier?  Keeping that picture in your mind as well will help you become more focused and more effective while bodybuilding.

The big picture of bodybuilding also includes living a fully healthy lifestyle.  That means eating right and getting the right amount of rest to make your workouts count every day.  You’ll need lots of different vitamins and minerals that can work inside your body and make your muscles work harder so they are well-defined and toned.

Are you wanting to ultimately compete in bodybuilding contests?  If so, the picture of bodybuilding you carry with you will be different than that of a person who is just striving to become fit.  You will want to concentrate on specific muscle groups and work them to their fullest potential.

Do your research before you start bodybuilding and look at pictures of people who at their muscle building peaks.  See what they look like and then keep that picture in your mind as you strive for your own personal fulfillment.

bodybuilding is really more than a sport – it is a mind, body, and soul endeavor.  Keeping the big picture always at the forefront of your mind will make your bodybuilding more efficient, more effective, and will grow your body to new proportions.

The picture of bodybuilding is more than just an oily, greased up man or woman standing on a stage and flexing their muscles.  Today, bodybuilding has evolved to include the picture of health and wellness as well.  Those who remember that will become everything they ever dreamed of and will make that picture in their minds become a reality.

The Best Bodybuilding Supplement

The Best Bodybuilding Supplement

How can you define which bodybuilding supplement is the best?  After all, there are so many different brands and types that you can use to enhance your bodybuilding workouts that finding the best one can be quite confusing.  When we say the word “best”, we should be talking about which bodybuilding supplement will give you the best results.

Most expert body builders agree that the most effective bodybuilding supplement that you can put into your body is protein.  Protein helps bring all the necessary muscle building enzymes to where they need to be.  Protein can also boost your energy level and allow for more intense workouts.

Whey protein could be one of the best protein supplements you can implement into your workout program.  It’s all natural and can give the best results when it’s taken in the right doses and the right amounts.

You could also choose creatine for a bodybuilding supplement.  Creatine also helps combat fatigue and allows for better workouts.  Creatine is naturally produced in your body, so taking a creatine supplement in your bodybuilding routine can bring about the best results.

When you are lifting weights in your bodybuilding workout, your muscles are under a certain amount of stress.  The body produces nitric oxide to combat this stress.  If you have a particularly stressful workout, you’ll need to replenish that enzyme with a bodybuilding supplement.  Nitric oxide can also have some great side effects with sexual health, so if you think this is the best bodybuilding supplement for you, by all means, choose it.

Glutamine is another bodybuilding supplement that is considered one of the best for the maximum results.  Glutamine works to bring muscle building nutrients to the muscles so that they can grow bigger and become more toned.

Choosing the best bodybuilding supplement has to be a personal decision.  Keep in mind your goals and then pick the supplement that will help you achieve those goals.  Each specific supplement provides for certain results, so picking the right one will make the difference between having an effective workout as opposed to an ineffective workout.

Research different brands and pick a company that has proven results.  There are many companies who claim to have effective products when they are really just providing supplements that don’t do anything at all.  Read different reviews of specific products and then make the right choice for you.  Picking the best bodybuilding supplement can truly enhance your workout regimen and contribute to a beautiful body as an end result.

Teen Bodybuilding

Teen Bodybuilding

Teen bodybuilding is rising in popularity as many young people decide that they want to get fit and be healthy.  Starting an exercise program when you’re young is a great way to stay fit for life.  However, teens need to take into consideration a few things before they start a bodybuilding program.

Because a young person’s body isn’t fully developed, it’s important for a teen to be cautious when starting a bodybuilding workout.  Here are some guidelines to follow for a teen who wants to get into bodybuilding:

* Teens under the age of 13 should never start an intense weight lifting regimen. It’s alright to start exercising, but stick to low-impact exercises like push ups and chin ups.  Leave the weight lifting until later.
* Squats and dead lifts can be started after the age of 16.  These exercises require a great amount of precision to be done correctly.  If you do not do them the right way, you can cause serious injury to your body.
* There is no reason you should ever take any type of testosterone supplements in your bodybuilding program.  Teen boys naturally have a large amount of testosterone already in their bodies.  When a testosterone supplement is added to a teen bodybuilding program, you risk stunting your growth.
* Your diet should include a large amount of protein and carbohydrates.  These two nutrients provide you with energy and muscle building power, so be sure to eat right.
* Rest is also very important in a teen bodybuilding program.  Not only will sleep help you concentrate more and be an effective exerciser, rest will also help your body prepare itself for another workout and repair whatever damage was done during the day.  Muscles grow at night when you’re asleep, so get a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per night if not more.
* If you are serious about bodybuilding as a teen, it’s important that you stick with your workout program and keep an eye on your ultimate goal.  Unless you have a very good reason, you need to stick with your workout plan and not skip days in favor of other activities.

bodybuilding is a great way for a teen to get fit, lose weight, and stay healthy.  If you start being conscious of your body and your health when you are young, you are setting the stage for a healthy adult life as well.  In general, teen bodybuilding is a great way to achieve the goal of a healthy body and a healthy life – just be sure you aren’t pushing yourself beyond your limits.  Use the advice of adults, and start today!

Steroids for Bodybuilding

Steroids for Bodybuilding

There’s no doubt about it – if you are serious about bodybuilding and making your body huge is a priority, steroids can help you do it quickly.  It’s a proven fact.  Synthetic hormones will help you grow muscle quickly and make your muscles look beautiful in the process.  The reality is that although steroids will help you build an amazing body, they can do more harm than good.

The simple truth is that steroids, although they will build body mass, will harm your body more than it will help it.  What will steroids do to you?  Consider the following:

* Steroids lower sperm count making the possibility of having a child lower
* Steroids will make you more aggressive
* Steroids will cause you to become sterile — eventually
* Steroids will bring you problems that you never wanted to have

Basically, if you choose to use steroids, do so at your own risk.  There are way more bad things that can happen from steroid use than good things.  It’s true, they will help you build your body to new proportions, but at what cost?

For females, do you want to walk, talk, and look like a man?  If so, go ahead and take steroids as part of your bodybuilding routine.  But we will never condone steroid use in any way.  The downfalls very much outweigh the advantages.

Not only do steroids cause serious health problems, they actually make the anabolic environment less conducive to serious muscle building.  The actually true way towards serious muscle building involves natural methods as opposed to synthetic methods.  When you focus on your diet to give you the nutrients you need to make well-toned muscles, you will be way better off than if you resort to the “easy way out”.

When you use steroids to build muscle mass, you are not only endangering your health, but you are also endangering your muscles.  When they get used to synthetic hormones, they will expect to have that type of enhancement all of the time.  But the long-ranging implications of steroid use completely outweigh the problems that will occur.

In general, you should focus on natural bodybuilding as opposed to working your muscles with the use of steroids. You will not only be a healthier person, but you will also be able to know that you have made a beautiful body without the use of steroids in your bodybuilding program.

NPC Bodybuilding


NPC Bodybuilding

NPC is the National Physique Committee, a national organization dedicated to the pursuit of a bodybuilding program that will build great bodies.  They are one of the most well-respected organizations in the bodybuilding world and sponsor several bodybuilding competitions throughout the year.

NPC bodybuilding competitions include the following:

* The Women’s National Fitness Championship
* Women’s National bodybuilding Championship
* USA Men’s Championship
* The IFBB World Championships
* The IFBB Northern Championship
* Junior USA bodybuilding Championship

And that’s just a few of the national championship competitions sanctioned by the NPC.  When an event is sponsored by the NPC, it is well-respected.  People know that NPC bodybuilding competitions are ones that can give legitimacy to them as serious bodybuilding athletes.

Their contests are held all over the country and in Canada, and have long been considered THE contests to enter and win.  The NPC Nationals is the number one amateur bodybuilding competition and has launched plenty of hardcore body builders on to successful careers in the industry.  They have full-time promoters working non-stop to make sure that every one of the NPC bodybuilding competitions are the best that they can be.

The NPC is an amateur organization.  Becoming a member of the NPC and competing in their competitions can lead to membership in the world’s strongest bodybuilding organization – the IFBB (International Federation of Body Builders).  The IFBB is a professional organization for body builders who make a living with their physiques.

NPC bodybuilding involves more than just competitions.  They are dedicated to educating new body builders including women and teens.  They also provide members with alternatives to steroids and information on how to sculpt the perfect body.

Anyone can become a member of the NPC.  If you are interested in bodybuilding and possibly going pro one day, being a member of the NPC is an important part of your bodybuilding goals.  All you have to do is submit an application along with a yearly membership fee.  With that, you will receive the following:

* Six issues of NPC News magazine that features the sport’s up and coming new bodybuilding and fitness stars, along with contest results and contest information on future NPC events.
* Liability insurance (if you’re a registered contestant) covering you going to, from and at any NPC bodybuilding and fitness event.
* Eligibility to participate in NPC events and qualify for IFBB events.
NPC bodybuilding is a very important part of a serious bodybuilding regimen.  Even if you don’t want to go pro, being a member of the NPC can be very valuable in your bodybuilding career.

Natural Bodybuilding



Natural Bodybuilding

In the sport of bodybuilding, there are many supplements that can be used to grow muscles quickly, but many of these substances are man-made like steroids.  Natural bodybuilding is done without the benefit of artificial substances being put into the body.  That doesn’t mean not using bodybuilding supplements as many of these are natural products.  What it means is staying away from man-made hormones and steroids to aid in building body mass.

The bodybuilding industry has taken a very firm stance on the use of illegal and artificial substances – especially in competitions.  There are even specific contests geared toward natural body builders.  Most competitions will test participants prior to allowing them to compete, and if someone is found to have an illegal substance in their body, they are banned from participating.

While synthetic products will grow your body very quickly, they can have horrible side effects.  The trend toward natural bodybuilding is about growing your body, maximizing your nutritional intake, as well as staying healthy while you are growing your muscles.

When you decide that natural bodybuilding is the route you want to go, it’s important that you get the right amount of nutrients and vitamins that will maximize your workout sessions.  That means taking a multi-vitamin and eating properly in ways that will send muscle building proteins to the right parts of your body.

It is more than possible to grow your body naturally through an effective weight training program coupled with good nutrition.  There is no reason why steroids or growth hormones need to be introduced into the body for ultimate muscle mass.

One of the key components of a natural bodybuilding program is to eat healthy and maintain a positive mindset when it comes to your workout program.  Supplements are also important when you want toned, fit muscles.  The ingredients in supplements like creatine and glutamine are naturally produced in the human body anyway.  What the supplements do is increase or enhance those substances that are naturally there anyway.

Proponents of natural bodybuilding will agree that an effective workout program coupled with effective supplements and nutrition can make for a healthy, toned body.  Natural bodybuilding is definitely the way to go if your goal in a bodybuilding program is to get healthy and feel good.  Steroids and growth hormones should be avoided at all costs.

bodybuilding the natural way is best for everyone.  Steroids are not.  Don’t take the chance that you will suffer ill effects from steroid use.  Just know that a strong workout program and a commitment to your bodybuilding goals will grow your body in a natural way not an artificial way.

Hardcore Bodybuilding

Hardcore Bodybuilding

The sport of bodybuilding, for many people, can be quite hardcore.  By that, we mean it can be intense and all-consuming.  But another way to look at hardcore bodybuilding is gaining mass and muscle tone in a natural way without the benefit of artificial hormones such as steroids.

Some people who are really into bodybuilding think of the sport as hardcore in and of itself.  Building body mass and toning muscles involve hard work and dedication.  Hardcore bodybuilding is having a commitment to shaping the best body possible with hard work and sweat.

It’s easy for hardcore body builders to fall into the trap of obsession with the sport.  They want to be the biggest and the best.  The quickest way to achieve this is to take synthetic steroids or growth hormones.  However, hardcore bodybuilding doesn’t have to involve these substances.  You can still grow your body without them.

bodybuilding is a whole body and mind experience that focuses on training specific muscle groups and growing those muscles to often extreme proportions.  This is achieved through a proper diet, a safe workout plan, and a mentality that lends itself to hardcore growth.

There are natural supplements on the market for the hardcore body builder that are safe to take and will allow amazing growth of muscles with the right weight lifting regimen.  You have to be dedicated, you have to stick with it, and above everything else, you need to know how to perform the exercises correctly.

bodybuilding as a sport creates beautiful, well-sculpted bodies in the men and women who are willing to work hard for their physiques.  When you undertake a weight lifting program, you will want to pay special attention to the way your muscles respond to the weights and feel the resistance that the weights provide.

The old adage “No pain, no gain” really applies in hardcore bodybuilding.  You must push yourself and your body if you are interested in sculpting a well-toned body.  However, you must also be aware of your limits and not push too hard as you can cause injury to your body.

The sport of bodybuilding can be quite hardcore if you want it to be.  If you are interested in becoming a hardcore body builder, you must pay special attention to each muscle group on your body and work it until it is toned and defined.  Hardcore bodybuilding is not only a sport, it’s molding a beautiful body.

Female Bodybuilding Videos

Female Bodybuilding Videos

With the rising popularity of female bodybuilding, videos that showcase the sport are available in many, many places.  Sculpting the perfect female body has become an obsession for many women these days.  When you are able to build a great body, what better way to showcase that body than with your very own video?

If you are a female involved heavily in bodybuilding, you may want to look into making your own video.  Many people these days own their own video cameras.  Have a friend tape you posing in different positions and then view the way you look to make sure that you are working all parts of your body to their maximum potential

You may want to look into finding female bodybuilding videos so that you have a goal to aspire to.  When you are able to view a woman’s body that has been worked to near perfection, it can be great motivation to keep on with your workout regimen.  Believe it or not, there are many, many places where you can find female bodybuilding videos.

Start with amazon.com to find female bodybuilding videos.  They have over 50 selections that you can choose from that feature women who are posing, in competitions, or performing exercises.  You can use these videos as motivation as well as models to strive for in your bodybuilding workout.

Check out some of the hardcore bodybuilding sites for some great female bodybuilding videos.  They offer up a variety of videos that can showcase some of the top women in the field of bodybuilding.  When you buy a video of female body builders, you will learn some of the best ways to work your body naturally.

If you are a member of a local gym, ask them for their advice about what female bodybuilding videos would help you the best.  They will most likely be able to provide you with at least a few places for you to look.  Many gyms also have their own libraries of videos that can help you along the way in your bodybuilding goals.

Don’t pay too much money for your videos.  Do a quick Internet search for female bodybuilding videos and see what exactly is out there.  You can come across videos that will help you along the road toward your bodybuilding goals.

Even though bodybuilding has generally been thought of as a man’s sport, women are starting to take over.  When you find a women’s bodybuilding video, take notes and emulate what these women are doing to sculpt beautiful bodies.  Then you can take their advice and do what they do to make your body look the way you always dreamed it could look.

Female Bodybuilding

Female Bodybuilding

While bodybuilding has long been considered a man’s sport, more and more females are starting to take an interest in their bodies from a muscular standpoint.  Female bodybuilding is big business these days, one that can help the “fairer sex” healthy and toned like their male counterparts.

Some women are hesitant to undertake a bodybuilding program because they don’t want to look bulky and beefy.  The truth is that women are not able to get as bulked up as men.  Men naturally have a larger amount of testosterone in their bodies that women don’t have.  That testosterone makes their muscles develop differently, so females need not worry about that bulky look.

The advantages for females in bodybuilding are far-reaching.  Many women want their bodies to look and feel good.  When you workout, you are strengthening your muscles and your mind as well.  When the world ideal of a woman’s body is that of a thin, waif-like being, bodybuilding for a great body can be a great way to combat that image perception.

Starting a bodybuilding program will help tone the female body and make it stronger.  Aesthetically, you will look healthier and symmetrical when you have a toned body with well-defined muscles.  There’s nothing better looking than a well-defined female body.

Female bodybuilding uses much of the same processes as male bodybuilding.  Women can use the same exercises such as squats, dead lifts, and bench presses.  A good cardio workout is also necessary in a bodybuilding program.  Women should focus on the muscles that they want to tone such as thighs and buttocks as well as arms and abs.

Nutrition is also very important for men as well as women body builders.  A good, balanced diet with lots of protein and carbohydrates will help tone the body and make growing muscles easier in the process.  Women do have slightly different nutritional needs than men such as needing more iron in the diet, so a good multi-vitamin can help any female in her bodybuilding program.

Sculpting a beautiful body doesn’t have to be restricted to men when it comes to bodybuilding.  Female bodybuilding is getting much more popular as women strive to be more beautiful as well as healthier.  You’ll look better, feel better, and be better when you undertake a bodybuilding program.

Female bodybuilding isn’t about bulking up, it’s about getting healthy and looking great.  When you build a great body with well-defined muscles, it will be well-worth the effort when you look in the mirror!

Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding

Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding

An encyclopedia gives a great amount of information about specific topics to people interested in learning more about a subject.  An encyclopedia of bodybuilding should contain information about not only the sport of bodybuilding, but also bodybuilding as a way of life.

There are some great tools available to the aspiring body builder including definitions, suggestions, advice, and much more.  You can find some great resources when it comes to searching for an encyclopedia of bodybuilding.  These resources can be online or even in book form.

When online, you might want to check out www.bodybuildingpro.com.  Their website touts them as the encyclopedia of bodybuilding, and there’s some great information to be found in here.  You can get tips on how to workout properly, data on the best supplements to use, and ways to get the proper nutrition for an effective bodybuilding routine.

Another great website is www.bodybuilding.com.  This “Super Site” tells about upcoming competitions for body builders along with some terrific tips and advice about workout programs and positive mindsets.  There is also a great motivational section with hundreds of articles about how to stay on track with your bodybuilding program.

For teens who are looking for a comprehensive encyclopedia of bodybuilding, check out www.teenbodybuilding.com.  This site is directly aimed toward teen body builders and how young people can workout properly without injury.  Their articles give some great information to help any teen with his or her bodybuilding program.

Many bodybuilding experts have written some great books about the sport.  bodybuilding great Arnold Schwarzeneggar has collaborated with fitness expert Bill Dobbins to publish The New Encyclopedia of bodybuilding:  The Bible of bodybuilding which is available in many bookstores as well as online at amazon.com.

Weight lifting expert Paul Ward has also published a book on bodybuilding.  His Encyclopedia of Weight Training concentrates on the weight lifting portion of a bodybuilding program.  It tells about how to incorporate weight lifting into your exercise plan and how to perform those exercises correctly to minimize the chance of injury.

If you are looking for an encyclopedia of bodybuilding, you have many resources at your fingertips when you look for them.  Find a comprehensive guide to bodybuilding that will give you accurate information about the sport and tell you what you need to know.  A complete encyclopedia of bodybuilding can be a great tool in your quest for the perfect body.

Discount Bodybuilding Supplements

Discount Bodybuilding Supplements

When you are looking for discount bodybuilding supplements, your best bet is to start online or with a mail order company.  Not many stores will offer across-the-board discount prices for their bodybuilding supplements, but those stores you can find online often do.  That’s because they buy in bulk and cater to a worldwide audience through the web and then pass the savings on to you – the customer.

There are many places where you can find discount bodybuilding supplements.  A “Google” search can reveal hundreds of companies who carry what you need.  Just for convenience, we’ll give you a few of the top sites right now.

* www.worldclassnutrition.com – This website has hundreds and hundreds of bodybuilding supplements as well as fat burners and appetite suppressants.  Their ordering system is secure and guaranteed, so you can order products with peace of mind.  The site is easy to use and extremely comprehensive.
* www.evitamin.com – Here is a great place to find not only discount bodybuilding supplements, but vitamins as well.  Their prices are about half the retail rate and they carry many, many different brands for you to choose from.
* www.bodybuilding4u.com – This site has much more than just advice on where to find discounted supplements.  They provide reviews about different types of supplements and tell you where to find them.  They also have bodybuilding tips and exercises you can do to work specific parts of the body.
* www.supplementstogo.com – This is really a very comprehensive bodybuilding site with name brand supplements and vitamins.  They also offer up articles on bodybuilding in general and provide online tracking of your order at your fingertips.

When choosing a bodybuilding supplement, it’s important that you do your research regarding the company who makes the product.  There are some unscrupulous places who will try to sell you supplements that they claim will get you results.  Unfortunately, these companies make empty promises and the supplements you buy won’t help you at all.

Stick to tried and tested name brands when selecting your discount bodybuilding supplements.  You won’t want to waste your money on something that won’t work.  If you can get a name brand bodybuilding supplement at a great discount price, then you win.  If you get taken for a ride, you’ll just be mad.

Find places that will review specific bodybuilding supplements and then go out there and try to find them at a discount price.  Everyone loves to save money, and you should – even when it comes to your supplements.

Bodybuilding Workout

Bodybuilding Workout

A bodybuilding workout should be a well-rounded program that provides an adequate amount of resistance to all areas of the body and all muscle groups.  It should contain a variety of exercises including weight training and a cardiovascular rotation as well.  If you are wondering about different types of bodybuilding workouts, there is no one magic formula for everyone.

When you are trying to devise a good bodybuilding workout, you need to consider the current state of your health.  Your health can factor in your recoverability, susceptibility to injury, and your physical limitations.  If you are beginning a bodybuilding workout to get fit, you will probably have to start slow and work your way up.

Another factor in a bodybuilding workout is to consider what your personal goals are in this endeavor.  Do you want to increase body mass, lose weight, or just become stronger?  Whatever goal you have will dictate what type of workout will work best to succeed.

You must have a basic knowledge of human anatomy and what muscles are located where on your body.  When you know where your muscles are, you’ll be better equipped to work them to their maximum capacity.  You can concentrate on the specific muscle groups and use the weights to tone and sculpt those muscles.

An effective bodybuilding workout will be four days long to begin with.  A good idea is to workout on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with your rest day on Wednesday and the weekend.  Here is a good, basic bodybuilding workout that will focus on each part of the body, but not all at the same time:

* Day 1: Deltoids, Triceps
* Day 2: Back, Traps
* Day 3: OFF
* Day 4: Legs, Forearms
* Day 5: Chest, Biceps
* Day 6: OFF
* Day 7: OFF

Working out in this way will work each body group on one day only which will allow for maximum recovery time as well as maximum growth potential.  You need recovery time due to the intensity of a strong bodybuilding workout to allow your muscles to heal in between workout sessions.  This is very important in any bodybuilding program.

Keep a log of the exercises you are performing and note your progress regularly.  By doing this, you’ll know where you stand as far as your strength potential, and you can make changes as needed to realize your personal goal.

bodybuilding workouts vary from person to person, but they all contain basic components that can help all body builders grow their muscles and tone their bodies.  When putting together your bodybuilding workout, keep your personal goals in mind and then go for it!

Bodybuilding with Arnold

Bodybuilding with Arnold
The name Arnold is well-known in the sport of bodybuilding.  California’s governor made bodybuilding what it is today.  This Austrian amazement came onto the bodybuilding scene in the 1970’s and changed the face of bodybuilding forever.

Today, because Arnold has been so important in the sport, he now holds his own bodybuilding competition called the Arnold classic.  This organization holds contests for amateurs and experts alike for women, men, and teens.  It has become one of the most popular competitions to be in because winning it symbolizes the approval of bodybuilding’s biggest star.

They also hold an annual exposition.  It is the largest expo in the country with over 600 exhibitors showcasing healthy fitness products for body builders and fitness enthusiasts that attend.  It is a three day expo that features entertainment as well as competitions to over 100,000 people who attend every year.

Besides holding bodybuilding competitions, the Arnold organization also has a martial arts division that caters to those people who have a love of karate and other types of martial arts.  Dan Severns, one of the most respected men in the field of wrestling and ultimate fighting has recently signed on to conduct workshops for interested people.

An annual Arnold Sports Festival is also held by the company where there are strongman competitions; awards for various areas of bodybuilding, boxing, and wrestling; and much more!  They showcase power lifters, top body builders, and martial artists at this festival.  It is touted as the festival that makes fitness fun.

Being the benevolent sort, Arnold has also set up scholarships for college bound students.  They are sponsored also by the Rotary Clubs of America and offer up over $10,000 worth of scholarships to students studying or participating in gymnastics, weight lifting, boxing, and such.

Probably one of the most exciting parts of the Arnold Expo and Festival is the focus on bodybuilding athletes who are older than the norm.  With Arnold himself fast approaching senior citizen status, it’s refreshing to find a place that encourages and supports senior body builders and athletes.  It’s never too late to get in shape and the Arnold corporation embraces that concept wholeheartedly.

Because the name Arnold is so well-known in bodybuilding circles, the doors that open up to people who share a love of bodybuilding, weight lifting, wrestling, and martial arts through that name are amazing.  His drawing power is huge, and the respect he garners makes any event sponsored by Arnold a legitimate and compelling place to be.

Bodybuilding Videos

Bodybuilding Videos

If you are serious about bodybuilding, you will want to learn as much as you can about the sport.  One of the best ways to do this is to look into buying some bodybuilding videos that can show you ways to maximize your workout and build the body you’ve always wanted.

There are so many bodybuilding videos on the market; it can be difficult to choose which ones will help you with your goals.  You can find all sorts of bodybuilding videos on subjects as diverse as posing, contests, exercises, and much more.

When you are choosing a video to follow, you really should keep some things in mind.  First, decide what you really want to see.  Do you want videos of people lifting weights and performing exercises so that you know how to do the exercises correctly?  Do you want to have videos of bodybuilding contests that can show you the way you should be performing if you enter a contest yourself?  The choices are varied, so think about what you are trying to accomplish before you buy.

When bodybuilding began to gain popularity was in the 1970’s when Arnold Schwarzenagger made a video called “Pumping Iron”.  Since then, there have been other movies that have come out that feature bodybuilding pros.  These videos can be great motivation for continuing your workout program and keeping you on track with your bodybuilding goals.

bodybuilding videos are great resources to show you the correct way to pose when you are in a bodybuilding contest.  You can look at the people who have won contests and then emulate what they are doing.  Who knows – you might be able to win as well!

It’s so important to perform bodybuilding exercises in the correct way.  When you do an exercise wrong, you are not only risking injury to yourself, but you are also not working your muscles in the most effective way possible.  Having a bodybuilding video that shows you the correct way to perform an exercise can mean the difference between an effective workout or just wasting your time.

You can find bodybuilding videos in various places.  A good place to start is online at places like amazon.com or ebay.com.  When you are looking hard enough, they will “come out of the woodwork”.  Pick wisely and then take whatever advice and tips you can gain from your bodybuilding videos.  They can help you realize your goals and make you have a cut body you can be proud of!

Where to start?

Where to start?

When people take up body building it is usually as a result of seeing the impressive physiques of the professionals – whether those professionals be pro body builders, weight lifters, boxers or any other kind. It is natural to see the power that such a physique gives to an individual and want to have the same thing. It is also, unfortunately, something that is beyond many of us and at the very least will require years of committed training for the rest of us. When you are starting out, the goal that you are chasing is still some time off. There is a lot of groundwork to lay down first.

Put simply, the early stages of a body building regime will be about getting toned rather than really building muscle. In order to get to the point where you can even hope to start lifting the big weights, you need to start with smaller ones. It is about progression. Trying to do too much too soon will have the sole result of causing injury, and once that happens you will be in no position to do any training at all. It is more important to pace yourself and prepare for the hard work to come.

Some of us are naturally built more slender than others. That being the case, there is no need to assume the slender ones cannot build themselves up a few levels. In actual fact, a slender physique can be advantageous in the early days of body building, as it allows one to move more sharply and quickly – something which is important in building up those reps.

What Should You Eat?

What Should You Eat?

If you ever watch strongman competitions on the television, you will often see the contestants in a typical clichéd pose next to a kitchen table with their typical daily diet spread over it. Frequently this will include several chickens, enough pasta to feed a family for a week, lots of energy drinks and plenty of veg. Often it will also include some burgers and similar fast food. This is often taken as a sign that these guys can eat as much as they want, and an invitation to the potential bodybuilder to just keep pigging out. The good news is that these guys do generally eat the stuff they say they do. But wait for the bad news.

The fact is that these guys are generally pulling trucks over distances that the average human being would find it hard to carry a couple of liters of milk. To get to the level where you are doing that, you need to be in such prime physical condition that to maintain it requires a routine of physical training that would make the Navy Seals shudder. And to keep up that level of training requires a whole lot of energy.

For the beginning body builder, the opportunity for burgers, fries and sugar-filled drinks will be limited. Meat must be grilled, and come with the fat cut off, at least to begin with. Essentially, when looking at the kitchen table next to that strongman, you can subtract all of the “fun food” and bear in mind that until you have taken your training up a level, you will need to favor the less “exciting” stuff.

What Not To Eat

What Not To Eat

An exercise regime will only bear the kind of results you are looking for if you accompany it with the right diet. This is known as a “holistic” approach, where you view every part of your routine in a critical fashion and look to see what you can do to make it the best it can be in every way. If you are studying for an exam, on which questions will be asked on a range of topics, it is all well and good studying heavily on one of those topics to the point where you could answer every question that could be thrown at you on that topic – but if you ignore all the others in doing so, you’ll end up failing.

So it is with body building. You can be the most committed trainer that there ever has been, and you will effect positive results in some respects. But if you are just eating fries and burgers all of the time, you will not be giving your body some of its most vital nutrients. You will get tired more quickly, train less effectively, and sustain injuries. For this reason it is worth taking a realistic view on diet – cut out the ice cream sundaes for a time, drop the greasy burgers and lay off the beer, too. Alcohol does horrible things to muscle recovery.

Of course, you can work scheduled breaks into your regime – in fact it is probably advisable at the beginning – during which you can treat yourself. Just remember the end goal when you have to get back to training.

Bodybuilding Tips

Bodybuilding Tips

When you are starting a bodybuilding programs, you should really utilize tips and tricks from professionals to help enhance your workout.  There are so many people out there who have achieved great bodies, and they have a lot of information to offer to those who are looking for it.  These bodybuilding tips are from experts who say that there are certain areas of the body as well as parts of a bodybuilding program that body builders tend to overlook or even ignore.

When you are seriously bodybuilding, proportion is so important.  Many people overlook their calf muscles because they are so small.  More often than not, the calf muscles are difficult to notice as well.  But, the calves are just as important as any other muscle in your body.  Don’t neglect those calf muscles and work them to their fullest potential.  Use wide and narrow stances when lifting to hone the calf muscles.

Many people want to develop their deltoid muscles because they are one of the most prominent muscle groups on the body.  The delts are in your shoulder area and can make you look proportionally fit and trim.  Doing lateral raises can work your delts to new heights, but do these raises leaning slightly forward.  It’s normal to want to try and lean a bit backward, but if you do this, you won’t be working this muscle group fully.

If you really want to grow some strong muscle mass, you will need some type of a supplement.  Most often, you will get the best results from a protein supplement.  These help bring the necessary energy into the body that you will need for some strong, intense, and prolonged workout sessions.

It’s a good idea to work with a training partner during your bodybuilding workout.  A partner can provide motivation as well as tips and advice to help you maximize your training and concentrate on your goals.  They can also push you beyond what you feel your limits are and make you work harder than you could on your own.

Nutrition is very important to a body builder.  Probably the best bodybuilding tip we can offer up is to stay very hydrated and eat well.  Instead of three big meals a day, eat 5 or 6 smaller ones that are well-balanced and filled with protein and carbohydrates.  The carbs will provide you with energy and the protein will contribute to your bodybuilding power.

Always be open to advice and tips when you are undertaking a bodybuilding program.  There are plenty of people who love to share what they have learned.  bodybuilding tips are everywhere, so keep and open mind and open ears.  Listen to what’s being said and take advantage of this free advice!

Bodybuilding Supplement Review

Bodybuilding Supplement Review

When you are involved in the sport of bodybuilding, taking supplements can help you hone your body to new levels.  There are literally hundreds of supplements on the market you can choose from.  The choices can be confusing.  A bodybuilding supplement review can help you make the choice about which one is right for you.

There are lots of different supplements you can use depending on your bodybuilding goals.  Which one you choose to take makes a difference in the effectiveness of your workout program.  We’ll review some of the high points of each of the most popular, legal bodybuilding supplements.


Creatine has a variety of uses.  Besides being used to gain strength and muscle mass, the other benefits of creatine can really help body builders achieve their goals.  Creatine is also known to battle fatigue as well as muscle atrophy.  It can reduce cholesterol and enhance the body builder’s metabolism to better process food.  Creatine has also seen a therapeutic benefit in Parkinson’s disease as well as other brain problems.

Nitric Oxide

This supplement is known to increase and sustain the flow of muscle building agents to skeletal muscle.  It can increase the amount of weight you are able to lift, boosts your power output, and quickens muscle contraction.  Some people also report that taking nitric oxide as a bodybuilding supplement enhances their sexual feelings and stamina.


Protein is very important in the diet of a body builder.  It is the building block of muscle building nutrients that can build mass in ways you never thought possible.  It is an amino acid that lends itself to building massive muscles that are toned and fit.  It is often recommended that protein supplements be taken with some form of carbohydrate for it to be effective.  Whey protein is considered to be one of the best types of protein supplement for most body builders.


Some body builders call glutamine creatine’s “sexy sister”.  Glutamine is also an amino acid that is produced naturally by the body on its own.  The problem is that stress, including the stress of a workout depletes the natural glutamine found in the system.  Without glutamine, you will suffer muscle loss which can undo all your hard work in the gym.  That’s why a glutamine supplement is important in any body builder’s arsenal.

Most bodybuilding supplements are reviewed on a regular basis by fitness magazines and experts.  Getting a review of bodybuilding supplements can be the best way for you to figure out which ones you want to include in your regimen.  Then go for it and realize some great gains in muscle tone!

Bodybuilding Routine

Bodybuilding Routine

While there is no one specific way you should plan a bodybuilding routine, there are some better ways to go about a workout plan than others.  An effective bodybuilding routine will blend with your schedule while allowing you sufficient time to sculpt your muscles by working out in the most efficient way possible.

Most experts agree that you need to schedule in rest days when considering how your bodybuilding routine will go.  Beginners need to take into consideration their physical health before they begin so that they know what their body is capable of.  This is so important because overall general health will dictate how often you can workout without risk of injury or fatigue that can lead to you quitting.

An effective bodybuilding routine will concentrate on working certain parts of the body just one day a week.  You should also be sprinkling in a cardio workout here and there as well.  You need to have rest days to allow your body to heal the damage that you have done to it, so be sure to take at least two days off.

Do your research when choosing to emulate the bodybuilding routine from someone else.  Did they get good results from this routine?  Do they have the kind of body you want to have?  If so, then you should go ahead and try their workout.  If not, just keep looking!

Be sure to have clearly defined goals when coming up with your bodybuilding routine.  Without goals, you are just lifting weights.  If you want to lose weight and gain mass, that will dictate how you workout and what your routine will be.  If you are just interested in toning your muscles, that, too, will help define how your bodybuilding routine will go.

To allow for continuing progress, your program must always be changing your workout load.  That means adding weight when your muscles become stronger.  There’s no one set formula for how much weight you should add at any specific time.  You know your body and add sufficient weight that will push your muscles so that they can grow.

Different workout programs are geared towards different people.  No one plan will work for everyone.  You have to take into consideration your age, your gender, your physical health, and your capabilities.  Tailor your bodybuilding routine to what you are able to do without causing significant injury to your body.

An effective bodybuilding routine is important in order for you to achieve your bodybuilding goals.  When coming up with a routine, be sure that you are keeping those goals in mind and then devise a plan that works for you.  Having a sound bodybuilding routine will let you realize your bodybuilding goals.

Bodybuilding Program

Bodybuilding Program

What makes an effective bodybuilding program?  Well, it’s not all about just lifting weights.  A good and efficient bodybuilding program will encompass various parts of the body as well as good nutrition and lifestyle habits.  What do you need to know to make a good bodybuilding program?  Actually, you need to know a lot!

First and foremost, you need to pay attention to what your body is able to do.  Work slowly and work your way up to lifting the big weights.  And yes, lifting weights is a big part of a good bodybuilding program, but it’s certainly not everything.  You want to be sure that you start small and work your way up so that you don’t risk injury and hamper your progress.

A good bodybuilding program will contain a variety of exercises meant to work specific parts of the body at any given time.  Your muscles will grow when you provide an adequate amount of resistance that is provided by the weights that you are asking your muscles to lift.  Don’t overdo it, though.  If you get injured, you will hinder your progress and not be able to grow in the ways you want to.

Good nutrition is important in any bodybuilding program.  You need to be sure that you are getting the appropriate nutrients you need to be sure that your muscles are being given what they require to grow to new proportions.  That means loading your diet with lots of protein and lots of carbohydrates.  Fats are important as well – but be sure they are unsaturated fats which are actually good for your body in moderation, of course.

Be sure you schedule some rest days in your bodybuilding program.  Your muscles need time to heal and to grow.  The only time they will get that advantage is when you are resting.  Muscles grow when the body is in a sedentary state, so be sure that you get a minimum of eight hours of sleep a night to help your bodybuilding program work to its full advantage.

You should also choose a variety of exercises that will focus on specific muscles.  Your bodybuilding program should work every single muscle in your body, so choose exercises that will tone and work every muscle group possible.

A great bodybuilding program will make your muscles toned and fit.  But more than that, it will make YOU toned and fit.  If you are wanting to sculpt a beautiful body, pay special attention to the bodybuilding program you undertake.  Then sit back and watch your dreams become a reality.

Bodybuilding Nutrition

Bodybuilding Nutrition

Nutrition in bodybuilding is very important for anyone serious about the sport.  Good nutrition is essential for a healthy life, but it is most important for a body builder to have effective workouts and grow muscles quickly and efficiently.  What type of nutrition should you have to become successful in your bodybuilding quest?

You need to first have a diet that is high in protein.  That means eating a lot of chicken, fish, and meat.  Chicken and fish are best for you because of their low fat content.  Although fats are important in bodybuilding nutrition, you still must be careful that your fat consumption doesn’t contribute to health problems.

Another big part of healthy bodybuilding nutrition intake is to be sure that you consume lots of carbohydrates.  Carbs are very important because they provide the primary energy source for our body from the foods we eat.  You will need lots of energy to complete an intense workout which will build your muscles quicker and more efficiently.

Complex carbohydrates are the best carbs to take in.  These can be found in foods such as whole grain rice, whole grain breads, and pasta.  Be sure to take your carbohydrates with protein for maximum efficiency.

Fats are also very important in bodybuilding nutrition.  Believe it or not, fats actually do good in our bodies providing insulation for body parts like the heart and lungs as well as making energy when the fats break down.  Of course, you will want to consume the good fats as opposed to the bad ones so that you don’t gain weight through fat intake.

Saturated fats are the worst fats to take in.  These are fats like animal lard and butter.  Saturated fats are those that stay solid at room temperature.  Unsaturated fats are the “good fats”, but they also should be consumed in moderation.  Olive oil and flaxseed oil are good unsaturated fats.  They stay liquid when at room temperature.

A very important fat group that can help both your body and mind are Omega 3 fatty acids that are found in fish.  Omega 3 fatty acids are known to combat depression, fend off fatigue, and give you energy you need to workout.

You should also include a lot of fresh vegetables in your diet.  Foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots give you many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a healthy body.  Fruit should be consumed in moderation as they naturally contain a certain amount of sugar naturally.  Too much sugar can hinder your progress.

In the sport of bodybuilding, nutrition is just as important as lifting weights and exercising. Getting good nutrition is essential for an effective bodybuilding routine.  Eat what’s good for you and what your body needs without over-indulging too much.  Then sit back and watch your body grow!

Bodybuilding National Championship

Bodybuilding National Championship

When you start competing in bodybuilding contests, you have many, many choices.  Mention a national bodybuilding national championship, and the choices are just as diverse.  There really is no one national championship for bodybuilding, there are many.  But some are considered more important than others and carry more weight.

National bodybuilding championships are sponsored by various organizations.  For example, the NPC National bodybuilding championship contest is thought to be one of premier contests among serious body builders.  NPC (National Physique Committee) is a very well-respected organization and their national championship events are always well-attended.

Many bodybuilding national championships are sanctioned by NPC.  If a contest carries the NPC name, you know you’ll be entering a competition that will be well-run as well as carry some weight.  If you’re lucky enough to win one of their bodybuilding national championships, you can wear the title with pride.

The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) is another organization that sponsors national bodybuilding championships.  These contests are, obviously, for amateur athletes and can be great places for beginning body builders to start out with before moving on to more involved contests.

Then, of course, you have the Mr. and Ms. Olympia contests which often are considered THE national bodybuilding championship competitions.  Made famous worldwide by Arnold Schwarzeneggar when he won back in the 1970’s, these contests are highly competitive with the winners often looked upon as people with perfect bodies.

Some bodybuilding magazines will also hold their own national championship contests.  Magazine like Muscle & Fitness and Flex will sponsor bodybuilding contests and feature the winners in their magazines.  These contests can be great ways to gain some incredible exposure for you as a serious body builder.

When you are looking for a bodybuilding national championship, find one that is sponsored by a well respected organization such as the NPC.  When you participate, know that the others are out to be considered the best in the country just as you are, so you will want to be on top of your game when competing.

If you are lucky enough to win a bodybuilding national championship, you will be an award winning body builder.  That’s a title you can be proud of and one that you should let people know about.  You will be taken seriously as a body builder when you win a bodybuilding national championship, so be proud of your accomplishment.

So get out there and compete!  You’ve worked hard, it’s time to show off your body and gain notoriety for your efforts.  bodybuilding national championships are the way to go.  Good luck!

Bodybuilding Magazines

Bodybuilding Magazines

When you are serious about bodybuilding, you will want to subscribe to a few bodybuilding magazines so that you can learn more about this great sport.  bodybuilding magazine offer so much information to both professionals as well as amateurs, that NOT subscribing to one is a huge mistake.

Besides the obvious advice that the articles will offer you, you will see much more inside the pages of popular bodybuilding magazines.  You will get pictures of people who are considered to be ideals in the industry.  You will receive reviews of popular supplements that can enhance your bodybuilding endeavors.

You will get information about the latest contests and competitions and how to succeed when you decide to enter a contest.  These magazines have articles written by experts in the field and can offer up tips and techniques that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

It’s a good idea to subscribe to at least two bodybuilding magazines if you are an avid enthusiast.  When you read these magazines, pay special attention to what the articles have to say.  They can offer up some amazing information that will help you in both your workouts as well as with your diet.

What are the best magazines to subscribe to?  The choice, of course, is personal, but there are a few magazines that remain in the forefront of the bodybuilding industry.  Here are a few to consider:

* Flex

This magazine is considered the “bible” of hardcore bodybuilding.  They do interviews with experts in the field and offer up some amazing advice for both the experienced as well as novice body builder.

Find them online at www.flexonline.com or subscribe to the paper edition for just $29.97 per year for 12 issues.

* Muscle & Fitness

This also is a highly respected magazine in the bodybuilding industry.  Each issue refers a lot to the principles of fitness and bodybuilding.  They give some good information on nutrition, weight training, and many other topics of interest to body builders.

Find them online at www.muscleandfitness.com or subscribe for $29.97 per year for 12 issues.

* Ms. Fitness

Touted as one of the best bodybuilding magazines for women, each month, they give information about upcoming contests, new developments in the area of female bodybuilding, and much more!

Their web address is www.msfitness.com.  You can also subscribe for the low price of $12.00 per year for four issues.

When you are serious about bodybuilding, you can’t go wrong when you subscribe to bodybuilding magazines.  They can help keep you on track with your goals and make you shape the body you’ve always wanted.

Bodybuilding Forums

Bodybuilding Forums

For people who are bodybuilding enthusiasts, having a forum where they can discuss the sport can be a great motivational as well as learning tool.  These online forums are great ways to share information as well as tips and techniques that have garnered success for others.  When you are involved in a sport that you love, talking with others about their own passion can be very uplifting.

You can find bodybuilding forums and message boards in many places online.  Most are very easy to use and have a lot of great information to share.  They are user friendly and have hundreds of members from all over the world.

One great bodybuilding forum can be found at www.bodybuilding.com.  Their message boards have all sorts of sections that focus on different topics.  Those include discussions about supplements, product reviews, competitions, and workout journals.  They also have sections specifically dedicated to teens, women, and body builders who are over the age of 35.  These boards are very heavily traveled and contain a lot of great information.

At www.discussbodybuilding.com, their forums are equally as diverse.  There is a place where you can post your workout plan and have fellow members critique what you do and offer up suggestions for alterations you may want to make.  You can also post your photo and ask for advice on where you can improve your physique.  This bodybuilding forum also has a section for nutritional recipes you can share.

bodybuilding experts often drop by the forum at www.bodybuilding.net.  You can post questions for them to answer and ask for advice about your own bodybuilding program.  This bodybuilding forum also contains a section on power lifting where you can learn about ways to maximize your weight lifting workout and use power lifting to gain muscle mass.

Finally, the popular magazine “Iron” has a bodybuilding forum on their website at www.ironmagazineforums.com.  They offer up places where people can chat live with other body builders and cover more topics than just bodybuilding.  You can post about sexual health, general health, and even buy or sell fitness related equipment.

bodybuilding forums are wonderful places to get together with other people who share your passion for bodybuilding and fitness.  You can network with others and gain information that can help you in your bodybuilding goals.  When you are able to discuss certain topics with others, you can become more effective in your workout program.  A bodybuilding forum is a great place to start.  Now log on and learn!

Bodybuilding for Males

Bodybuilding for Males

When you start a bodybuilding program, be aware that this has generally always been a male sport.  That doesn’t mean that females can’t be body builders, but male bodybuilding has always been the norm.  The reasons are far reaching actually.

Males naturally produce a large amount of testosterone in their bodies.  Testosterone lends itself to longer, more intense workouts.  It’s a natural part of male bodybuilding.  Testosterone makes men more aggressive, and as a result, they are able to work out more intensely.  That means their muscles work harder and grow larger because of their bodybuilding program.

When the talk begins to turn toward male bodybuilding, it’s natural to speak of bodybuilding supplements.  Many males can benefit from bodybuilding supplements just as many females can.  However, because of the male anatomy as well as the naturally produced hormones by men, they can benefit much more by adding supplements to their workout programs.

Males are better able to focus on bodybuilding because of their natural constitutions.  Their muscles are just waiting to be worked to the point of toned as opposed to females.  That’s not to say that females are not able to work out with the same intensity as males.  What it means is that men grow differently that women do and so do their muscles.

When males are undertaking a bodybuilding program, they need to keep in mind a few specific points. Among these include maintaining an adequate diet that will give you the vitamins and minerals that you need to bring the nutrition to your muscles that will help you to build muscle mass.

An effective male bodybuilding program also needs lots of rest as well as lots of water intake.  You need to hydrate yourself along with your muscles to make sure that the water works for the good of your workout.

bodybuilding for males means working muscles beyond what you ever thought they could do.  As a male, you are naturally able to build your muscles because of the hormones that you produce.  That makes you at an advantage over the women, but not always.  The effectiveness of a workout depends on how hard you work your muscles and how you concentrate your energy.

bodybuilding for males requires you to concentrate on certain muscle groups so that you can make some huge muscle mass.  If that is your goal as a male body builder, then by all means, pursue it!  Male bodybuilding means making a gorgeously toned body while becoming fit and trim at the same time.

Warming Up

Warming Up

There is an attitude among some part-time body builders that someone who hits the gym and goes straight for the heaviest weights is a “hero”, a real above and beyonbd the call of duty guy. This is a fairly dumb attitude to take because, without warming up and down, a body building routine will do very little for you. In actual fact, going for the big weights before you are ready to lift them will destroy any of the good work that you do. A little bit of thought is required before you really go for it.

Warming up is a big part of a body building routine. Generally taking the form of some stretches before you get into the meat of the routine, it means the muscles will be in shape to handle the harder work you are about to put them through. Picking up weights puts a strain on the muscles, and through this work they will become stronger. But going straight from resting mode to hard work will only result in damage being caused. The preparation involved in a body building routine is as important as the exercise itself.

As much as some people may smirk at the idea of going about things by the book, you have to think about what you want to achieve through a body building routine. If it is about getting into the best shape possible, there is no way of achieving this without observing the rules. You will simply do more harm than good.

Use the right equipment

Use the right equipment

If you were digging a hole, and the spade you were using had a shaky handle and a broken blade, you would take a lot longer to dig that hole than a guy with a well-made, new spade. If you were trying to play a guitar and it only had five strings, then you would not get such a great sound out of it as a guy with a new Fender. So when it comes to body building, there is something to be said for using new, efficient equipment. It may cost more than second-hand, and you could buy some cheaper weights, but would the saving justify the use of the poorer equipment?

Badly designed weights can work muscles in the wrong way. The advantage that you gain with better equipment is that, for the same amount of work, they give you far more than basic or poor equipment. There is little point in cutting corners when it comes to training – all that will happen is that you will struggle at some point down the line and you will regret it. At that point you may decide to upgrade your equipment – and all you will have done is delay the spending, incurred some extra and held yourself back.

Instead of this, ask someone who knows you, and who knows training what kind of equipment you should go for. Working with the right equipment is worth the effort and the cost, and will save you money in the long run. There is no point at all in half-measures where training is concerned.



Although illegal in athletic competition, the use of steroids is not illegal per se. Amateur body builders – and in some jurisdictions, the professionals too – are free to use whatever aids they need to use. That being the case, many people will have no qualms about reaching for the medicine cabinet to make things easier and even more efficient. There is no question, however, that steroids can only give so much because they borrow from what you already have. The damage that can result from this is a very good reason to think long and hard before deciding to use steroids.

One has only to look at the highly publicised cases of some high-profile individuals to see what damage steroids can do. More than one professional athlete has died as a result of the long-term effects of steroids, as the extra boost that they give can put an undue strain on the heart and other internal organs. Even upon retirement, the effects that the use of steroids can cause will mean that a user needs to be very careful with the effects of artificial help. And this is before we get to the famed effects of “roid rage”, which can turn an otherwise placid individual into a person given to bouts of unprovoked anger.

In the end, it is up to the individual if they want to use steroids to get the boost that takes their training to the next level. But ask any doctor and they will tell you that there are huge downsides to relying on the effects of steroids, against a short-term, superficial upside.

Small weights first!

Small weights first!

The most important lesson that you can absorb before you take up body building is that there is such a thing as too much, too soon. All of us are keen to do something impressive, whichever field it is in. When taking up body building, especially if you do it at a gym, it is common to see guys whose biceps are thicker than your thighs. The natural response to this is to wish to match them lift for lift. But the natural result of that is that you will end up in hospital with all sorts of muscle problems. Early on, stick to the small weights.

Those guys with the huge biceps have been body building – and sticking to a daily routine – for years, often longer than a decade. It is unsurprising that they are so well built. To them, lifting the weights is like breathing, and their muscles have reached a stage where they can move the weights without any massive effort. Early on, the more basic weights will be more than enough to exert some effort on your muscles, and this is how you get toned.

Try to run before you can walk and you’ll end up on the floor – and if you thought the muscle bound guys were laughing at you before, you wait until they see you knock yourself flat trying to lift your own body weight. A little light mocking will be as nothing compared with that kind of shame, trust us.

Proving Something To Yourself

Proving Something To Yourself

The major benefits of body building should be obvious to just about anyone, with the fact that physical power is always highly coveted. Strong men have always been respected and held in awe, as far back at least as Samson in Biblical times. But often someone who takes up body building is not thinking about being held in awe. In fact many are thinking just the opposite, wanting people simply to stop thinking of them as a twelve-stone weakling. Showing that you can do what it takes to become physically strong and powerful takes work – but it is work that carries its own reward.

There are many practical situations in which the ability to lift something heavy, or simply to move something large, is of major importance. But shifting a mental block is at least as valuable. Many of us underestimate just how physically strong we are, and how much potential we have, and as far as proving it goes there is no better way than training to a point where we are capable of physical achievements that would be beyond many.

Most of us would love to be capable of things that we watch happening on television week in and week out. Many of the most popular sports feature individuals who have trained to the point where they are capable of pushing another (pretty large) human being backwards at a high speed. Gridiron and rugby – two of the major sports in their countries of origin, would be impossible without the muscle bound guys who don’t always get the credit – but are invariably favorites with the fans.

Practical Reasons for Body Building

Practical Reasons for Body Building

When people look at body builders, there is often a suggestion that the word “vanity” is never far from their minds. After all, it is pretty much impossible to be a body builder without it being fairly obvious. Even in a suit that covers up all the muscles, a long term body builder can often be hard to distinguish from a moving wall. But to assume that vanity is behind most people taking up body building would be unfair, and simply massively inaccurate. There are many practical reasons why you would consider taking it up.

Quite apart from any competitive considerations, there is the fact that for most of us, situations will occur that necessitate a bit (or a lot) of heavy lifting. As well built as some of us may be naturally, heavy lifting still takes it out of you. But if you have been working on the exact muscle groups that are required for the job, then you will be in a good position to get through such a task with a minimum of sweat. In fact, people will often pay you to do it for them. If you have been working those muscles for years, that’s pretty close to money for nothing.

Being able to lift and move heavy items is something that comes up again and again, if you are moving house for example. The simple thought of doing such a thing is enough to bring many individuals out in a cold sweat. Those muscles may provoke envy in many, but they can also win you a bunch of respect.

Learn to Take a Break

Learn to Take a Break

Getting into the gym to work out and build one’s muscles up is a highlight of the week for many of us, no matter how many times a week we do it. It can allow us to work through the tension of the rest of the week, give us time to think things through while also expending some energy. It would not be going too far to suggest that there are many of us who view training as an indispensable part of our weekly routine. However, a training regime does need to have breaks built into it if it is ever going to be effective and worthwhile.

The benefits of training regularly are proven. It would be easy to conclude from this that any time spent training makes those benefits all the greater, and within a certain limit this is true. But for training to have the long term effect that we are looking for it will be necessary for you to take regular breaks in order to kick back and relax. Going at a hundred miles per hour all the time will have one result only – burn-out. The ill-effects of that are worse than not training at all.

If you simply live to train, you will miss the opportunity to get things out of life that effect you positively on a mental and physical front. When you are relaxed and happy, the body releases chemicals that you need in order to keep an upbeat mentality. Without that mentality, any setback in your training regime may well be met with resentment and anger, and the result will be poor or non-existent training sessions.

Keeping in Shape

Keeping in Shape

Although body building is principally seen as something largely cosmetic – there is not a heck of a lot of practical reason for having arms wider than a small tree – there are reasons beyond the aesthetic effects of it for sticking to a regime. Not least of these is that a good body building regime can have a knock-on effect on your general good health. As long as it is a measured and defined program, a body building regime can be one of the best things you ever do on the auspices of good health.

Your heart requires exercise. One of the most frequent contributory factors in a heart attack or heart disease is a sedentary lifestyle. As much fun as it may be sitting on a couch watching television and eating nachos, it does not make a recipe for a long life. It will also give you less chance of successfully running for a bus. By training often and well, you will lose the fat that makes your energy levels so low.

Additionally, staying in shape will allow you to do so much more. If you have kids, being able to join in their games is something on which you cannot put a price. Kids seem to have boundless energy, and if you do not have an exercise regime to keep you in shape, their energy will seem unmatchable. Being able to keep up with them will allow you to play more of a part in their games, and make parenthood all the more enjoyable.

If You’re Injured, Find Something Else

If You’re Injured, Find Something Else

Training to gain the shape that you have always wanted makes for an intensive regime of hard work and effort. You can never be in too good of a shape, so it is important to maintain a quality training regime, and it’s the word “quality” that is important. Quality wins out over quantity, every time. The key here is that if you get injured, you do not dwell on how it is keeping you from training. You have to accept that training must wait for a time when you can do it effectively, and in the mean time find something else to do.

If you are sitting about getting wound up about how you want to get back in the gym, then you will not be effective when you get back in there. All that will happen is you will take the first sign of recovery as a green light to get back in the gym and the training you will do once there will be a great deal less effective than it would be under normal circumstances. Efficiency and quality are the watchwords, remember. As much as you may want to get back in the game, realise that there is little point in training at half of your potential.

Find another way to fill your time – it doesn’t really matter what that is. It could be something slow paced like gardening, or anything else. Something that keeps your mind occupied is the key. If you are left idle, your mind will wander right back to the gym – and you will follow it there, which will not help.

Good Body Building Foods

Good Body Building Foods

Our bodies are complex machines, which demand to be looked after in the best way possible. This means that you have to put the right kind of food, in the right quantities, into it and at the same time show some kind of respect to limits – there is no point hammering away in the gym when you have a pulled muscle because it won’t build as well as it could, and your body will not thank you for the extra pain. Bear in mind that body building exercise has at least three stages – preparation, activity and recovery. For each of those stages you will need to follow the rules in order to benefit.

To begin with you will need good “energy food” which allows you to maintain the workout. This includes – indeed, is dominated by – carbohydrates, or “carbs” as they are often referred to. This food is like the gasoline that makes a car run, and is there in such foods as rice, pasta, bread and potatoes. It is exactly the kind of food that, without an exercise regime, can make you put on weight. This makes it extra important that you are thorough with the exercise element of your body-building plan.

You will also need proteins. Mostly these come in the form of meat (it must be lean meat) and dairy products. This is the muscle-building part of the diet – think of it as the tune-up that gets extra performance out of your car and gives it that extra grunt. Lean beef or pork – not sausages, and if you want a burger it should be 100% beef – as well as eggs and milk are great sources of protein.

Eating The Right Things

Eating The Right Things

If you are looking to begin body building, it is important to take into account the role that diet plays in the whole process. Your body is a more complicated machine than any car, without question. Now, would you put fuel that was made cheaply and carelessly into your car at any time? It’s likely that you would not. Would you put that same cheap, poorly made fuel into your car if you were about to take it on a long, demanding tour which would involve punishing driving? Of course not.

Your body requires the same consideration when it comes to refuelling. Body building is demanding by its very nature. You are not going to get the toned, sculpted shape that you are after without putting in a lot of work in the gym. Eating badly is not going to make that process any easier, and it will certainly make it less effective. Food is turned into energy by your body, and just as with fuel for a car, different foods will have different energy levels allowing you to go for longer and in more punishing conditions.

So if you are out of shape because you are eating poorly and not exercising enough, just deciding to take up body building without first looking at your diet will be of limited effectiveness. It is as important to change your diet as it is to get down to the gym – perhaps even more so. Getting a good diet and exercise plan locked down will be the absolute minimum effort you require before trying to get that shape you are after.

Don’t Work Through the Pain

Don’t Work Through the Pain

There is a lot of talk devoted to “feeling the burn” when training. This is when you feel a substantial amount of pain and carry on exercising, as in some people’s estimation it won’t work if it doesn’t hurt. While there is some element of truth in this – if something is not physically demanding it is worthless as an exercise – it should not be confused with exercising on through the pain. If you pick up a weight and instantly feel pain, just carrying on is the worst thing you can do. In all likelihood, you have torn a muscle and need to stop.

When you have a demanding training regime the chances are you will pick up small muscle tears quite regularly. Muscles are made of quite flexible material which allows them the room to move without which they would be useless. As a result, major exertion will cause some tearing in the muscle, but there is a difference between types of tearing. Some repair themselves overnight if rested, but a larger one will take time and treatment. Exercising while carrying one of those will only aggravate it and eventually, it will stop you training or doing much at all.

While some people may view exercising on through an injury as a sign of commitment and strength, it will end up being just the opposite. Taking a rest every once in a while is a clear necessity, and taking one when you are too sore to continue is an absolute non-negotiable. Work smart – it is just as important as working hard in the long run.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Don’t Get Carried Away

Enthusiasm is a valuable part of the body builder’s make up. There are times for all of us when going to the gym may feel like a hassle that we can do without, but in sticking to a regime that has been designed for a purpose, we get a lot closer to the purpose in question and benefit as a result. A stop-start regime will mean that you are always going back over old ground, and the first part of any training regime even post-warm up will be devoted to regaining muscle tone rather than adding it. So if you can motivate yourself to get in there and go for it, half the battle is won.

Equally it is important to bear in mind that enthusiasm can have its costs if it is unbridled. Spending time in the gym is vital for getting into shape, but it is equally true to say that you can spend too much time in the gym, or try to fit too much work into the time that you spend there. The effect of this is that they will cause themselves an injury, or at least make a continued regime a lot more difficult than it should have been. Having some mobility is important, and by building up too much muscle you can compromise your own mobility.

The answer is to design a routine with some space to relax written into it. On doing this, you will give yourself something realistic to stick to, with results you can monitor and learn from.

Design a Routine For You

Design a Routine For You

It is easy to be distracted by the hulking physiques of people who have been doing the routines for years, and to want to match up with what they are doing. Unless, however, you want to spend more time recovering than exercising, it is important to ignore what anyone else is doing and get on with designing your own routine, one you can stick to and which gives you pronounced results. It may not match up with what the experts are doing, but they’ve got a head start on you. Concentrate on what you have to do and you’ll be in good shape.

The word “building” is quite appropriate. When it comes to getting into the condition you want, it is not something that happens overnight. You need to lay down foundations on which to improve. If your muscles are flabby or non-existent, there is no way that you can just do a bit of work to get them into the shape that the professionals have. You will need to get them into decent shape first before aiming any higher. As long as you pay attention to this, then you will be fine.

To really do it right, it is important to take account of the long-term nature of a body building regime. Starting off with light training to achieve condition, then adding steadily until you are in the shape that you have coveted for some time, it will always be a long game. But it will be better for you, and you will not have to worry about picking up long-term injuries.



You can do more or less anything competitively these days. There are competitions for things that maybe half a century ago would have been unimaginable in a competitive context, and as time goes on the field increases in size. But it should come as no surprise that among the things you can do competitively in body building. It is something that has clearly definable and measurable results. And it fits in well with a competitive spirit, as it is something towards which you can train and put in a whole lot of effort.

If you are a relative novice to body building, there are competitions for the newcomer which are probably the best choice if you are feeling competitive. The guys who have been competing for years are liable to make anyone feel somewhat daunted and even a little bit discouraged. The one thing that must sit as a caveat for any potential competitor is that it is not a pursuit for a shrinking violet. In order to demonstrate the success of your body building regime it is necessary to pull some poses that would make the average person blush. But if you have been working on your physique and got it to a level that you’re happy with, why would you not show it off?

Most areas have regional competitions, and if you do well enough there there are many levels above that to which you can graduate. Perhaps someone reading this might go on to be another Mr Universe!

Alcohol and Body Building

Alcohol and Body Building

Given that many of us decide to take up body building after a long and challenging night at the bar – or at home with a few beers – it is bad news for many people that body building and alcohol do not mix. This is not to say that you cannot drink a beer every so often if you decide to take up body building, but you will be restricted in either one capacity or the other. There is conflict between the effects of alcohol and the intentions of a good body building regime, and something has to give – so, do you value your nights out more than your coveted muscle?

Part of the reason for alcohol being such a bar to body building is the effect it has on muscles. It does not reduce the muscles as such, but it does present a barrier to the muscles getting the necessary support from the body in order to recover from small tears and pulls. The blood needs to take oxygen and other natural resources to the muscles in order to fix any injury and, if the bloodstream contains alcohol, it cannot do this in the same volumes – meaning that you will take longer to recover and your training is less effective.

Those little tears can occur without you even noticing them, and are repaired fairly quickly, but perhaps the best way of putting it is that you shouldn’t go out for beers right after a body building session. If you have a block of three days off in a row, day 2 is the best time to go for a drink or two.

A Sense of Accomplishment

A Sense of Accomplishment

The benefits of body building for a physical boost are clear and proven. No-one can deny that there is a lot to be gained from a physical aspect from training well and putting in the effort required to build your muscles. But less attention is paid to the beneficial effects that training can have on a more personal level. Treating a body building regime as a personal project will see to it that you gain a sense of accomplishment at each step along the way – something which cannot be underestimated in terms of importance. The benefits of having a sense of personal accomplishment are well recognised, and there are many of them.

A good body building regime will contain a number of goals that you need to attain to keep the process on schedule and effective. In reaching these goals you will give yourself a well-deserved sense of accomplishment that will in turn drive you on to achieve more and hit higher goals. This sense of accomplishment transfers into everything you do, and when life presents you with challenges it gives you something to call upon that shows you do not fall back when life gives you something to take on.

There are so many reasons why body builders take up training. Some will do it competitively, some just for their own personal intentions. Whatever the reason it cannot be denied that a successful body building regime has many other effects beyond the building of muscles. It is up to you what your motivating factors will be, but personal achievement cannot be underestimated among the possibles.